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The Magic of Thinking || DAVID J SCHWARTZ 

Have you ever thought to do something very big which you  always been thinking that you can't.

But! have you ever pointed why can't you do that.In fact you might not have questioned yourself like "WHY can't i do that"even though you have questioned you might have made some excuses to cover your fear of failure..

Today i would like to bring you some really important lines From the book "The magic of thinking Big" by DAVID  SCHWARTZ ...

 Imagine that you had a business idea in your mind since a long time and you want to implement it but suddenly,There comes many thoughts that make you to say No to the implementation of it.
Thoughts like "I don't have money," "There's lot of competition""I don't have experience of doing business". something similar to these will come to your mind and eventually led you to stop the idea from being implemented by you.

Why don't we think something Big??Why do we search for Excuses while doing something we really want?.So the first thing you need to learn is to stop find excuses that stops your growth.
In this book Author says that there is a disease in all of us which is ccalled as "Excusitis" which means the disease of making excuses..
The first excuse you make is  "I'm not much intelligent",This is the most common excuse which we find in our surrounded circle of people.Most of the people try to be smart in front of  others but they keep saying to themselves that they are not smart and unintelligent.Actually we decide that the other person is intelligent than us,This is the reason we fail to face the situation boldly..
And here comes someone who don't bother about intelligence He is confident that he will make something good with his confidence..

*So how to come out of the first disease of Excusitis....? 
It's Easy just come out of the inferiority complex and try to find your qualities.Your IQ doesn't matters when your thoughts are positive  and also believe that your attitude is more important than your intelligence and practice the positive attitude..Stop finding excuses to stop the work but start finding ways to complete the work..Believe in you that you are moving toward the Target with a positive attitude..
The Magic of Thinking Big is within you."To reach somewhere you have to start somewhere"Make your mind creative and fill it with a positive thought that you will be successful,Allow the the thoughts to flow in your mind and make best use of them

The other Excusitis is"Age" and the most common excuses are"I'm too old" and"I'm too young"
Remember that Mark Zuckerberg started coding when he was just 12 and Colonel Sanders started KFC at the age of 62..
*How to treat this Excusitis of Age?? Simple, Do the work which you want to do in future be the best at what you do and think with an open mind that There's lot to do still in my life, There's much more great to come on my way.This is how the successful people Thinks and take their decisions..

Making excuses at others victory is just an excuse of your failure which is not good for you..
If you find someone more successful than you don't get jealous on them, instead concentrate on them and try to figure what they did and what you missed to in your journey to the success..

"At last I just want to say you that if you find excuses to your failures you can never be successful instead accept your failure Yes!! Accept the failure...If you find excuses There's no way you can succeed,The only way is accept and don't repeat...Please do share this post with your friends and family and make sure to follow the blog for more inspirational stories, and books..

Thank you,
shaik sharoz


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