Wednesday, 17 May 2017

How to deal with Haters?

 Welcome Reader,

Today I’m here with a new Topic “How to deal with Haters”, Before starting How to deal we should know about us well,  

Q) when will we have Haters ?
Answer: We will have haters only, when we do something bad, and when we do something they can’t even dare to do..
These are the two reasons for having following of Haters..

If you belong to the first category the haters are true and their hate is also fair. No one can stop you from being hated if you do something actually bad.
But if you belong to the second category, I mean if you are doing something good and also you have haters. Congrats you are Really an emerging icon and you really need the help of your Haters to reach out your ambitions and fulfill your Dreams..
They don’t hate for what you do, but they hate for what they can’t and which you can! You deserve haters when you want something great in life..They are the people who forces you up with their Ego and hate..
So, Now you know why you have haters..Then how to deal with them?
*If They hate you for no reason, Let them hate don’t bother..
* You can’t stop them hating, Instead use them as Inspiration and do the work with more confidence and Hope..
*If they hate you , It means They are below you and they want you also to come there..
*They keep throwing Bricks of hate, Catch each and build your empire…
*DON’T answer them with words, They deserve Your success to be answered to them…
*Some people are too dangerous that they behave like they are supporters and followers but their Ego is always supposed to hate YOU!  Fake a smile at them …
* As YOU are the creator of YOUR own Destiny believe on you …

If  haters are increasing it only means you are doing something really cool...
Haters keep hating Winners keep winning..

Thank you Reader, 

Will be back with a new topic soon , Stay tuned and follow the blog right now ...

Shaik SharoZ

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