Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Who is the Real Entrepreneur |Inspiring Video|Must watch

who is Real Entrepreneur...

 The real meaning of entrepreneur is NOT the person who is doing his own business and earning enough money..The real entrepreneur is the one who never give up no matter what the hell he face..he will do what he want no matter how many times he fail,He will keep on trying until and unless he get succeed..

He dare to deal with challenges and He will never blame others for his failures..because he admit his mistake and he Don't repeat..He is the person filled with the power of positivity and self confidence..His first priority is his dreams and his goals..His target is G for goals and Not G for girls..

He was not born just to die,He chase dreams not Girls.. He was born to make his name fame...He already know that he is the Best and he don't need to get the compliment..Just remember one thing No one is going to come to shape you or to make you, you are the one who can do that...He take actions while the world thinks,He will be successfulwhile the world will be seeing,He take the risk to dream big while others just day dream...He will sacrifice while the world buy..He waits for his day, For the day of the dream coming true...He analyze his competition,He focus on his talent than the competitors...He use the criticism and failures as fuel to initiate his journey towards his next target...SachinBansal,Kunal bahl,VijayShekharSharma,RiteshAgarwalBhavesh Agarval...These legends are not born rich but they are the Meaning of Real entrepreneurs, They know that they are going to be successful not immediately but Definitely.....
I don't want to say more but i know you will share this post as much as possible and we have that power to develop the society..

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video : Abhinav prateek

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